2000/2001 - President Maggie Isom - District Governor Eddie Loughnan

Rotary Theme - "Create Awareness Take Action"

District Governor Eddie Loughnan used the analogy of Mark Twain and his journey down a changing river to highlight way in which Rotary must change in order to achieve our objectives.  We firstly need to ensure Rotary is known in our local communities.  Some of our strategies were to invite the public and business representatives to a Rotary meeting and a joint awareness dinner with Lions at Torquay Golf Club.  Our sponsored effort to send a bus with Torquay school children to the Paralympics in Sydney came to fruition with President Maggie and PP Mary Elliott accompanying them.  President Maggie met RI President Frank Devlin while PP Mary received an award for her outstanding  work with the Paralympics.  This was the year we launched the Organ Donor awareness and registration program.  Rotary was also again promoted through our BellsBeach parking and raffle sales.  Fishing platforms were completed as part of our foreshore development program.  Fellowship meetings were a highlight of our year.  Internationally we jointly hosted with the Rotary Club of Grovedale the Group Study Exchange team from Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia.  We also sponsored a Rotary Foundation grant for a number of projects at a hospital in Tonga.  We hosted Hjaite Trangbaek as an exchange student from Denmark and we sponsored Kathryn Sedgwick to attend the National Youth Science Forum in Canberra.