August is membership and club development month, a time to focus on and appreciate our members, celebrate your commitment to the club and the impact you have made.
It's also a time to think about developing strategies around growing the membership of this great Club  
The reason why Rotary is such a successful organization is because it is full of members that have one trait in common - the passion to make a difference in the world.
All of us share this passion and it's what drives us to work together.
This drive is often shared by younger people, but who don't always know a lot about ROTARY
We need to recruit these young people to work with us on Projects and perhaps even join this great Club 
All of us know at least one person that might be a good fit for Rotary, whether that person be a colleague, family member or friend - all we have to do is ask them. 
So the success of the evening is dependent upon us having a significant number of guests join us for the dinner. With this in mind we are asking each member to ask one person to a dinner at the Sands in Torquay on Monday August 12  6.30 – 8pm. So please bring a guest and let's have a great night.
The evening’s entertainment will be some music , a  photo show , some fun & prizes for a Master Quiz game over a meal &  getting to know each other !
P.S Please remember that the Club will pay for your guests dinner and be sure to register your guests on Whoozin.