Pets on Parade is an online pet show which the Rotary Club of Torquay is running to raise funds to assist with "Hearing Screening for Primary School Year 1 and 2 Children in Tonga.
As there is currently no routine screening or monitoring of hearing or ear health of young children in Tonga, the objective of this project is to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Health through focused training and provision of specialist equipment, to enable them to undertake screening the hearing of the young population in Tonga on a regular basis. Within a sample of 500 Primary 1 and 2 children, 30% have been found to have some hearing/ear problems. Community Nursing staff, supported by staff at the ENT clinic will conduct regular periodic screening of the hearing of young children within the school environment. Children with identified problems will be directed to representatives from the ENT clinic at Vaiola Hospital Nuku'alofa, for further evaluation and remediation.
Enter Pets on Parade 2022 and donate to assist with Hearing Screening for Primary School Year 1 and 2 Children in Tonga.

Cutest Cat

Name: Filly 
Best attribute: "Purring very loudly"
Entered by: Paul
Name: Evie - doing yoga
Best attribute: "Her flexibility, namaste"
Entered by: Charlotte Hogan
Name: Evie - up close and personal
Best attribute: "her purrability"
Entered by: Charlotte Hogan

Beach Dog

Name: Teddy
Best attribute: "Teaching other dogs to surf at Whites Beach"
Entered by: Claire Cook
Name: Sampson going to the beach
Best attribute: "His smile and lick"
Entered by: Charlotte Hogan
Name: Ryder 
Best attribute: Fluffy long tail for sweeping up seaweed
Entered by: Kristie Turner

Funniest Dog

Name: Evie
Best attribute: "Loves to play but somehow is head of the class"
Entered by: John Oswald
Name: Sampson
Best attribute: "His table manners"
Entered by: Charlotte Hogan
Name: Tilley, marking the ball
Best attribute: "Playing hard, playing fast"
Entered by: Charlotte Hogan

Best non traditional pet

Name: Turbo, the hermit crab
Best attribute: "His speed"
Entered by: Charlotte Hogan
Name: Rocky
Best attribute: "He doesn't bark or meow, doesn't need feeding or walks, just look how cute he is. What a face"
Entered by: Sand

Name: Bluey

Best friends

Name: Daisy
Best attribute: "Always happy if a tennis ball is nearby"
Entered by: Allan Hillgrove
Name: Jess
Best attribute: "Very Calm Nature"
Entered by: Alan McKenzie
Name: Queen Jess on her throne
Best attribute: "Very Calm Nature"
Entered by: Alan McKenzie
Name: Evie - manicured cat
Best attribute: "Her claws are always sharp"
Entered by: Charlotte Hogan
To enter your pet please:
  1. Make a donation of a minimum of $5 on Trybooking
  2. Email by the 7th of December 2022 including a completed copy of the entry form or the required information along with an image of your pet as either a JPG or PNG file no bigger than 378px wide x 446px high.
Select ONE of the following categories:
  • Cutest Cat
  • Beach Dog
  • Funniest Dog
  • Best non-traditional (anything other than a cat or dog)  
  • Best friends
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